Jesse Watters Slams CNN As North Korea’s ‘PR Machine’

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

Fox News’ Jesse Watters slammed CNN Monday, labeling the network North Korea’s “PR machine.”


“He sends his younger sister over there, and that’s supposed to take the harsh edge off the regime–meanwhile, the regime is killing people in concentration camps,” Watters said on “The Five.” (RELATED: Jesse Watters Medium RECKT This Feminist Vegetarian [VIDEO])

“The North Koreans want to drive a wedge between the South Koreans and the United States, and they dupe the U.S. media into it. CNN was like the PR machine for the North Koreans. They think they’re worldly, and they’re so sophisticated, and they’re so informed that they were duped by a dictator,” he said.

Many in the American mainstream media appeared to glorify the North Korean regime in their coverage of the Winter Olympics over the weekend. Coverage of North Korea’s cheerleaders, as well as Kim Jong-un’s sister Kim Yo-jong, was disturbingly positive. (RELATED: The Media Sides With North Korea Over The United States At The Olympics)

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