OJ Simpson Cashes In $20K For Upcoming Movie Role

(Photo by Jason Bean-Pool/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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OJ Simpson is now $20,000 richer, thanks to Sacha Baron Cohen.

According to The Daily Mail, Sacha Baron Cohen travelled to a Las Vegas hotel to meet with Simpson this weekend. The actor arrived at the hotel in full disguise wearing a curly wig and dark glasses. But before he was able to meet with the Juice, he had to pay up.

“OJ would not even get in the hotel room until he was paid a sackload of cash,” a source familiar with the upcoming movie said. “There was no way Sacha could have got OJ into the room without paying money.”

OJ Simpson may be a lot of things, but dumb is not one of them. This guy’s fresh out of prison and he’s already wheeling and dealing actors for bags of money like he’s the next Leonardo DiCaprio. Not bad for a felon.

Even though Sacha Baron Cohen arrived in full disguise, the exchange did not go unnoticed. Nicole Brown’s sister is outraged that OJ is even getting to see daylight, let alone cold hard cash.

“Nicole and Ron are two human beings who were brutally murdered,” she said. “This is not a joke nor is it entertainment. If Sacha makes this a comedic effort his victims will be personified as a joke. Shame on him.”

Others suggested the money should go directly to the murdered victims’ families. But there’s been no indication that’ll actually happen.

As for OJ, all he’s said of Baron Cohen was “I met him. Nice guy.”

Sounds like someone who just pocketed $20,000.

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