Minor League Hockey Game Descends Into Complete Chaos During Brawl

David Hookstead | Reporter

A minor league hockey game over the weekend between the Toledo Walleye and Kansas City Mavericks busted out into total chaos after a cheap shot.

Mavericks player Garrett Klotz rammed his opponent from behind into the boards with a brutal shot. As I often say, it was then over before it was even on.

All hell broke loose, and I mean all hell.

That was such a dirty hit from Klotz. I’m a huge hockey fan. I love all the hits, melee and fights, but that was way over the line. That hit will start a fight every single time. No chance you’re getting away with that garbage.

This is another example of why hockey has instant consequences. You jack up somebody from behind and people will start throwing punches immediately. That’s just hockey. Actions have consequences in this sport. You throw a cheap shot and you better be ready to lose your teeth.

There’s a lot of pro athletes who do a lot of talking, but never actually want to throw punches. That is not a problem with hockey players. They’ll fight because they’re bored on a Tuesday.

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