10 Cocktails That Will Make You Feel Better About Being Single On Valentine’s Day [SLIDESHOW]

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Caelin Mills Contributor
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Spending Valentine’s Day without a special someone might seem depressing— but it doesn’t have to be!

People will numb their emotional pain in many ways this February 14, some with chocolate, some by crying at Nicholas Sparks’ “The Notebook,” and some by sending themselves flowers to their workplace so their coworkers don’t know how lonely they really are.

All of those are solid options, however, they’re not the best option. The easiest way to soothe your emotional wounds this Valentine’s Day? Alcohol. In all of it’s fermented, brewed, or distilled glory, alcohol is the surefire way to make yourself feel better about being single on a day centered around couples. It might even warm your cold, icy heart.

Whether you like them shaken or stirred, frozen or on the rocks, here are ten festive cocktails you can make (by yourself) this Valentine’s Day!

(Disclaimer: please drink responsibly. The Daily Caller is not at fault for any texts sent to your ex after drinking our recommended cocktails)