Chris Matthews Asks About Joe And Mika’s Cooking And Cleaning Habits

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews created an awkward moment on “Morning Joe” Tuesday when he asked about Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski’s cooking and cleaning habits.


The cohosts, who got engaged last May, have had their share of relationship-centric moments on the show, but Matthews took it to another level when he asked them who is responsible for cooking and cleaning at home. (RELATED: Mika Brzezinski Acts Like Joe Scarborough Has Cooties)

“Let me ask you about the homemaking thing. Do you cook?” Matthews asked Scarborough.

“She cooks,” Scarborough, as Brzezinski got uncomfortable and responded, “What?”

“Do you do the washing and all that? Do you clean up?” Matthews pressed, as Scarborough told his fiancee that the conversation was “man’s talk.”

“Here’s the funny thing, Chris. I’m sort of — I know this will surprise people, but I’m sort of OCD on cleaning up, I don’t like things on the floor,” Scarborough said. “So I’m the one that cleans up. Mika is very confident, she can just throw things everywhere.”

The rest of the panel looked on silently as Brzezinski tried to change the subject away from her relationship with Scarborough.

“Alright, Chris Matthews, thank you so much,” she said awkwardly.

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