CNN Runs Entire Segment On How Trump Says The Word ‘Stupid’

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

CNN ran a whole segment Tuesday dedicated to investigating how Donald Trump uses the word “stupid.”


The segment purports to show how Trump uses the word “stupid” a lot, but does so by combining clips from totally different time periods, like from when Trump was a primary candidate in Iowa to the time he became president. Tweets from 2012 and 2013 where Trump uses the word “stupid” are also cited. (RELATED: CNN Reporter — Olympics Appearance A ‘Diplomatic Win’ For Kim Jong-Un, ‘Kind Of A Loss’ For America)

This isn’t the only video CNN has shown recently that seems to embarrass the network more than the subject it’s covering.

On Monday, CNN ran a segment where Trump supporters in Iowa were interviewed about their position on the president and the Russia investigation. The voters largely thought the investigation was politically motivated. One man called it a “political witch hunt from the get-go.” (RELATED: WATCH: Trump Supporters In Iowa Blow Every Single One Of CNN’s Narratives Out Of The Water)

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