Iraqi Militia Turns ISIS Suicide Bomber To Dust In Fiery Explosion

Liam Clancy Reporter
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Iraqi soldiers from the Popular Mobilization Forces absolutely annihilated an ISIS suicide bomber Sunday, dramatic footage posted to LiveLeak shows.

The suicide bomber approached in a “vehicle borne improvised explosive device” — a.k.a. VBIED — an improvised armored automobile used to carry out bombing attacks.

But he didn’t get far.


The video begins with the VBIED taking enemy fire while inching toward the Iraqi lines. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the VBIED explodes well short of its intended target.

The PMF soldiers celebrate their well-deserved victory after the kill.

The uploader believes the killshot comes from the “heavy machine gun on the ground from the right,” though its ultimately difficult to discern.

The PMF is composed of dozens of militias made up of Iraqi volunteers, and have been intensely involved in the fight against the Islamic State.

This video is great for a multitude of reasons, and really highlights the international struggle against terrorism and the Islamic State.



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Liam Clancy