The NBA’s Wine Obsession Is One Of The Dumbest Things Imaginable

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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ESPN published a huge piece about NBA stars being obsessed with wine, and it’s unbearable.

The whole thing is unreal to read through, but one of the weirdest parts comes from Dwayne Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union.

ESPN’s Baxter Holmes wrote in part:

Says Union, author of the memoir We’re Going to Need More Wine: “When they were first in the league … it was the jewelry and the cars and the rock star lifestyles and all the accoutrements that comes with that. As they all got older and started families, it was houses and all of the obvious visual trappings of wealth. Now no longer are people impressed by your financial portfolio or how big your house is. Nobody talks about square footage. Nobody talks about cars or jewelry or whatever. It’s who can bring the best bottle of wine. (emphasis added)

The NBA’s latest obsession? (via @baxterholmes)

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I felt like I was getting punked when I read this piece. I somehow find it hard to see a bunch of NBA players sitting around a table discussing wine. It makes no sense. Now, I am biased because I hate wine. I think it’s best reserved for women, and men should stick to cold beers best served during sporting events or when shooting stuff.

What I really don’t understand is how wine is more interesting than real estate or financial investments. This is probably one of the reasons why 60 percent of NBA players go broke. Stick to the things that make you serious money, like real estate and good investments, and spend a shade less time worrying about wine. This whole thing is just so off brand and further proof how soft the NBA is.

Does anybody think hockey players are getting together for wine night? Hell no. Hockey players are getting together to crush as many beers as humanly possible and tear stuff up. There’s a reason hockey bars are some of the most fun places on the planet, and I’ve never even heard of a basketball bar. Hockey players, like their fans, always go full throttle. We don’t have time to be drinking wine.

Just shameful performance from the NBA guys. I would be embarrassed to be mentioned in that piece. Absolutely embarrassed.

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