Being Single On Valentine’s Day Is Vastly Underrated

Valentine's Day (Credit: Shutterstock)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and I’m being hounded about being single for the big day.

Does this bother me? Of course it doesn’t. You shouldn’t knock it until you try not being hitched to anybody on February 14.

I’m sure most of you are sitting back right now very confused as to why I would have this viewpoint. Your confusion is understandable. Valentine’s Day is a big day in America, but so is being able to rage whenever you want.

See, tomorrow is an open book for me. I might run into a supermodel, an actress, a powerful and sexy female government official or maybe a powerful businesswoman. Literally all options are on the table. It would obviously be a major problem for me if I ran into a Victoria’s Secret Angel tomorrow while already with a date. How would I be able to snag one of the most famous women on the planet if I’m already spoken for? I hope you understand the dilemma.

It’s also worth noting — this is a much broader point — that there is always an upside to not being tied down. Now, don’t confuse what I’m saying here. You shouldn’t strive to single forever, unless you’re on some kind of Leonardo DiCaprio bender. However, you think anybody is going to tell me how much I can drink tomorrow, what my plans are tomorrow, what I have to eat tomorrow or anything else?

They will not.

Tomorrow I might have to cook up a few steaks, bust out a few beers, maybe mingle with some single ladies or throw on “Band of Brothers.” Does that sound like a hell of a good time or not? It obviously does.

So, you can all save the flowers, the chocolate and the sappy attitudes. I’ll stick to crushing it just like every other day of the week, unless I run into a supermodel. Everything changes at that point.

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