WATCH: College Students Love Open Borders, Hate Trump’s Wall

Open border Campus Reform Youtube Screenshot

Justin Caruso Senior Media Reporter

A new video shows just how leftist many students on American college campuses are, especially on the issue of immigration.


Campus Reform’s Cabot Philips asked students at Trinity University whether they agree with building a wall on the southern border. He also asked whether they support completely open borders.

Many of their answers will shock you.

One student said, “Yes, absolutely” when asked if she was a supporter of open borders.

Another student said, “Open borders all the way!” (RELATED: College Students Want ‘Pocahontas Policy’ To Let You ‘Identify’ As A Person Of Color [VIDEO])

He also said, “I am no more entitled to live in this country than anyone else. I just was happened to be born here. So it makes no sense that I should get all the advantages of living the United States and someone else should not.” (RELATED: WATCH: People Hate Lines From Obama’s SOTU — When They’re Told It’s From Trump’s)

When asked why open borders would be a good thing, a male student replied, “Well, more mixing of cultures. Just, good all around thing I think.”

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