These Are The Best Valentine’s Day Movies [SLIDESHOW]

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Morgan Caplan Contributor
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Have no plans this Valentine’s Day? Don’t even have a valentine?

Either way, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to sit at home, knock back a few glasses of wine and enjoy that whole bag of Dove Chocolates you deserve. But if you’re trying to get into the mood, maybe only eat half of the chocolates and save the rest for tomorrow.

With the best Valentine’s treats, you need the perfect movie choice. Not everyone loves the mushy, romantic movies, but maybe stay away from the movie “Taken” with your significant other.

If rom-coms are your thing, there is only one day to indulge and not feel embarrassed by it, and today is that day. So why not? Enjoy that unrealistic rom-com and don’t feel one ounce of shame, because today is your day. There isn’t one set of movies to watch on Valentine’s Day, but these are the best movies for this day no matter your mood.