Dem Senator: Thoughts And Prayers Are ‘Meaningless’ Without Action

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Democratic Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy said that thoughts and prayers are “meaningless” if not backed up by action on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes” Wednesday.


“The reason that I get angry when people send out thoughts and prayers and nothing else, they’re meaningless if you’re not willing to put action behind your faith,” Murphy said.

“So yeah, a lot of these Senators are really nice to the victims of gun violence when they come into their office. And then when they leave, they go back to the business of doing absolutely nothing. And that is infuriating to Melba, a good friend of mine.”

“That is infuriating to me. My hope is it is infuriating to the voters of Florida who decide to send somebody to Washington who recognize that Orlando, parkland are not inevitable. There’s a consequence of inaction. It’s a matter of changing representation to get a different outcome.”

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