Chris Rock Goes After Trump And Police Violence In Netflix Stand-Up Special [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Chris Rock calls President Donald Trump a “bully” and goes after police violence in his new Netflix Stand-Up special titled, “Tamborine,”(misspelled on purpose) according to USA Today Wednesday.

“That’s how Trump became president. That’s exactly what happened,” the 53-year-old comedian explained in his first stand-up special in 10 years. “We got rid of bullies, a real bully showed up, and nobody knew how to handle him.”


Aside from taking a swipe at the president, Rock deals with police and gun violence with references to the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas last year at a country music festival.

“You would think the cops would occasionally shoot a white kid, just to make it look good,” Rock shared. “You would think that every couple of months they would look at their dead (N-word) calendar and go, ‘Oh my god, we’re up to 16! We gotta shoot a white kid, quick!’ ‘Which one?’ ‘The first one you see singing Cardi B.'”

Rock also jokes about raising a black kid in America, in the video that dropped Wednesday on YouTube by the streaming site.

“I got black kids, I got to get them ready for America,” the comedian said. “It’s rough out there for a black boy. If you’ve got a black son, you’ve just got to punch him in the face. If you don’t punch your black son in the face, that’s child abuse.”

However, the special mostly deals with the comedian turning his focus on himself, the mistakes he made in his 16-year marriage saying he was a “not a good husband” and trying to turn it all into a bit of humor.

“When guys cheat, it’s like we want something new,” Rock tells the audience. “And then you know what happens? Your woman finds out, and now she’s new–she is never the same again.”

“Tamborine” is the first of two of Rock’s stand-up specials on Netflix.