Eric Bolling Talks About Son’s Death In Emotional Interview


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Former Fox News anchor Eric Bolling opened up about the death of his son, Eric Chase Bolling, in an emotional interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”


Eric Chase Bolling died in September after using a mix of cocaine and the painkiller fentanyl. His death occurred just hours after Fox News announced Bolling would be leaving the network after sexual harassment allegations.

“On September 8 of this past year, my wife and I had gone out to dinner and were about to, as you point out, turn the page on my career,” Bolling recalled. “Went out to dinner, everything was fine, and on the way home from that dinner my cell phone rang.”

“It was one of Eric’s friends, who was in a panic, and he said, “Mr. Bolling, call Kaylee.'” he continued. “She was crying and, I don’t know, for whatever reason, it’s that phone call that every parent dreads…the first thing I said was, ‘Is he alive?”

“It was a complete devastating shock to us,” he said. “Your mind just goes to a place where I can’t explain.”

Bolling thanked President Trump and MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough for being so supportive during his grieving process, noting that both people called him several times since his son died to make sure he was okay.

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