Leftists Blame NRA For Florida School Shooting

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Leftists are already blaming the National Rifle Association for an active school shooting taking place in Parkland, Florida.

Few details are currently known about the victims and the shooter is reportedly still at large, but that hasn’t stopped verified Twitter users from already placing blame on the NRA.

One political activist even tied the shooting to a tweet from the NRA this morning that encouraged people to gift their significant others with guns for Valentines Day.

“This morning, NRA tweeted about getting your loved one a gun this Valentines Day,” Igor Volsky, the deputy director of Center for American Progress Action, tweeted. “Three hours later, we’re in the middle of another school shooting.”

“Once again, our children are held hostage and murdered by the GOP and NRA’s intransigence,” Mike Bates, a columnist for MLB Daily Dish asserted.

Cliff Schecter, a Daily Beast columnist, sarcastically thanked Republicans and the NRA for their “thoughts and prayers.”

Kimberley Johnson, a Huffington Post contributor, managed to blame the NRA within just 11 minutes of a breaking local news story about the shooting.

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