I Had No Idea Measuring Cups Could Be THIS Popular

Jack Kocsis | Director of Commerce

In general, I don’t really have an opinion on measuring cups. I definitely would not consider myself anti-measuring cup; but I’m not particularly pro-measuring cup either.

In fact, I didn’t know anyone could be pro-measuring cup. Apparently, I was wrong. Turns out people are VERY pro-measuring cup. Or, at the very least, very pro-these measuring cups.

Just look at this rating:

Amazon screenshot

Amazon screenshot

You’re looking at an aggregate 4.8-star rating right there. Eighty-six percent of those 230 people gave this a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. That’s nearly 200 people!

What can I say, people LOVE this set of 15, which includes 6 stainless measuring cups (1/4, 1/3 , 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 and 1 cup) and 6 spoons (1/8, ¼, ½, 1 tsp, ½, 1 tbsp), plus 2 D rings and a bonus equivalents magnet. And I imagine those 200+ people would be even MORE pro-these measuring cups, if they knew they were 71 percent off.

Normally $90, this set of 15 measuring cups is 71 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $90, this set of 15 measuring cups is 71 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

1Easylife Measuring Cups and Spoons Set of 15, Durable Single Stainless Steel 6 Measuring Cups and 6 Measuring Spoons with 2 D Rings and Magnetic Measurement Conversion Chart on sale for $25.99

You can read the 200-plus glowing reviews yourself. But here are some of the titles: “A must have!!!!” “Love these!””GREAT ITEMS!” and “Awesome quality. I don’t think I’ll ever need to get another set.”

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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