MSNBC Commentator: Pass Gun Control Or The 2nd Amendment Will Become A ‘Suicide Pact For All Of Us’

Justin Caruso Contributor
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MSNBC commentator Jim Cavanaugh said that if more gun control laws are not passed, the Second Amendment will be a “suicide pact for all of us.”


“This is our own societal failure that we’re not doing something, electing the people who will do something,” Cavanaugh said.

“And you know, the argument that gun safety laws don’t work has–it’s jumped-shark-week. It’s gone. Look at these mass killings. That argument is gone. We need to have reasonable laws, not take away anybody’s rights. Everybody’s got to work together or we make the Second Amendment a suicide pact for all of us, our children, the mall, the school, the college. This is crazy. And we can do better.”

A shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida Wednesday resulted in 17 deaths Wednesday. The suspect, 19-year-old Nikolaus Cruz, is in police custody. There is no known motive as of this time. (RELATED: Here’s Everything We Know About The Florida High School Shooting Suspect)

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