Shaun White Was As Much Of A Legend In 2006 As He Is Today

(Photo by Ker Robertson/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Shaun White became the only snowboarder to win three gold medals on Tuesday night after he put up an impressive performance against Japan’s star snowboarder Ayumu Hirano.

That gold also counted as Team USA’s 100th gold medal in the Winter Olympics. Not bad for a guy who split his face open in New Zealand back in October. But if the world knows anything about Shaun White, it’s that he’s not easily flustered. He got 62 stitches put into his face after the injury and got back to snowboarding as soon as the doctors allowed.

He’s not easily flustered by journalists asking questions either, like that time he was 19 and bragged about buying drinks for everyone.

That was, of course, hours after he won his first gold medal in Torino in 2006.

He’s also tried his hand at acting which was spectacularly awful, but in a cool way.

He’s also been featured in the Black Keys’ hit music video “Howlin’ For You.”

Not to mention he’s got a pretty attractive girlfriend.

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It’s probably safe to say that the Flying Tomato’s still got the juice.

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