President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Calls For Everyone’s Help

Morgan Caplan Contributor
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President Trump talked from the White House Wednesday about his infrastructure proposal that aims to invest back in the U.S.

“After spending trillions of dollars overseas rebuilding other countries, it is time to rebuild our own country and to take care of our citizens,” Trump said.


“The money that we have spent overseas, not to mention in the Middle East whereas of two months ago we had spent $7 trillion. And, yet, if we have to fix a road, we can’t fix it. If we have to fix a tunnel, we don’t do it because don’t have the money,” he said.

“More power for state and local governments to choose projects. We want them to choose the projects they want, the most important projects because they know best the needs of their people. So we want the states to be very much involved in the choice of where this money goes.”

“This is an issue where I really believe we can find common ground between Republicans and Democrats. It’s the infrastructure issue. It’s something great for our country. It’s something that our country needs.”

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