USA Hockey Loses Opening Game To Slovenia – Tough To Say Things Are Going Well

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The USA lost its opening round men’s ice hockey game in the Olympics Wednesday morning against Slovenia, and things are off to a rough start.

How does this happen? Seriously, I want somebody from USA hockey to show up to the office right now, sit down in front of me and explain to me how the hell this occurred.

Herb Brooks is looking down from hockey heaven right now, and he’s disgusted with everybody involved in this game. I’m equally appalled and disgusted. There are a total of three countries on this planet that should ever be in a competitive hockey game against the USA. They are Russia, Canada and Sweden. Everybody else should never even be close, outside of maybe an off year with Finland.

I would expect to beat Slovenia if we sent a high school all-star team to South Korea. This is unacceptable. We play Slovakia tomorrow and we better damn well win that game, or we’re in deep trouble.

Head coach Tony Granato should keep his players on the ice after this embarrassment of a game, and force them to do mountain climbers until they puke.

I’m over here doing everything I can for Team USA, and they can’t even beat Slovenia. Just get this fixed immediately or many people are going to lose their minds.

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