Valentine’s Day Haters Are Just As Bad As The People Who Obsess Over Today

Valentine's Day (Credit: Shutterstock)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Today is obviously Valentine’s Day, and people who obnoxiously hate today are equally as bad as those who compulsively obsess over it.

Look, I’m fairly neutral on Valentine’s Day. There aren’t a ton of feelings I have one way or another. If you enjoy spending today with somebody you like or love then more power to you. If you are aren’t overly interested in the day then that’s your right as a free American.

You’re an idiot if you think today is some super big deal or that you need to plan out a military level invasion event to please your significant other. It’s a random day in February. Chill out. The same goes for the super hardos who go out of their way to trash Valentine’s Day. Those people are just as bad. They’re not bad because they might not have a very fair point. They probably do, but it’s the level of obnoxiousness that just irks me.

We all get it. You don’t like Valentine’s Day. You are more than welcome to that opinion, and I probably agree with you to a certain level.

I’m also sure many of you are asking yourselves how I can have this scorching hot take after I wrote a piece yesterday about the advantages of being single today. It’s a fair question, and I will entertain the notion. Of course, we would be wise to return to the article. I wrote in part:

See, tomorrow is an open book for me. I might run into a supermodel, an actress, a powerful and sexy female government official or maybe a powerful businesswoman. Literally all options are on the table. It would obviously be a major problem for me if I ran into a Victoria’s Secret Angel tomorrow while already with a date. How would I be able to snag one of the most famous women on the planet if I’m already spoken for? I hope you understand the dilemma.

I’ll stick to crushing it just like every other day of the week, unless I run into a supermodel. Everything changes at that point.

See, I wasn’t entirely trashing Valentine’s Day. I was simply bringing up some very valid points that having a date today shuts down the opportunity to meet up with a model or superstar actress. Some people might be fine running that risk. I, for one, am most certainly not. Wanting to keep the slate open is very different than obnoxiously hating the day.

So, grab a few drinks, relax and let people live their lives. Nobody wants to see your ridiculous Valentine’s Day celebrations, and nobody wants to hear about how much you despise today.

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