Willie Geist: South Koreans Shocked By Media Coverage Of NoKo At Olympics


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC’s Willie Geist slammed the media for fawning over North Korea during the Winter Olympics, noting that South Koreans were shocked by the coverage.


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Geist said South Koreans were bothered by how easily the media was falling for North Korea’s propaganda.

“I don’t think Americans grasp how quickly those pieces were circulating at the Olympics,” Geist said. “You know, major media outlets writing sort-of fluff pieces about Kim Jong-un’s sister who came here, saying she’s the new Ivanka Trump….applauding the cheerleaders.”

“They couldn’t believe it,” Geist said of the South Koreans he spoke to. “They said they can’t believe some people where you live are falling for this regime because none of us are.”

“It was completely mind-boggling to a lot of South Koreans,” he concluded.

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