CNN Analyst Misidentifies Shooter As ‘Nicholas Cage’


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN senior law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes repeatedly referred to the Florida school shooter as “Nicholas Cage” rather than the correct name, Nikolas Cruz, during a Thursday segment.


Fuentes made the mistake several times in just one answer during a Thursday panel, seemingly getting the Parkland, FL shooter with the famed “National Treasure” actor.

“Well, in this instance they sent agents to talk to the person who made the call,” Fuentes said, referencing a previous tip to the FBI about Cruz. “Reporting that he had read this on YouTube from this Nicholas Cage.”

“So, they go to that, well people can post on YouTube from all over the world using anyone else’s name, this could have been another friend of his who just knew that he was having mental problems,” Fuentes continued. “So they went around their databased to try and find, okay do we have any information on a Nicholas Cage.”

“Nicholas Cruz, Nicholas Cruz,” CNN anchor John King finally corrected.

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