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Is This The Most Expensive Vape On Earth?

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Only 200 of these mods have been made for sale. There were 100 gold and 100 silver that hit the market. It truly looks to be a work of art and not worthy of being a simple vaping device. It is called the DOTBLING, and it costs $1,850. DotMod is the company behind this expensive idea.

The DOTBLING is hand crafted over a 3-day period and is made with 1,232 cubic zirconia stones. That’s right! Over 1,200 individual stones are constructed to form a 24mm mechanical mod. The gold edition is 24K gold plated and the silver edition is 925 sterling silver plated. Each device is serialized from 001 to 100 for each color.

I wonder how how long it will take for DotMod to sell off all 200. It appears there are still DOTBLINGS available for purchase, even after DotMod launched them a month or two ago. Are these mods really worth nearly two grand? In addition to the cost of the stones and metals, it does take significant time and effort to hand make these devices. But still.

What’s next, a $500 e-juice?

The video below showcases the DOTBLING functioning as the vape device it was designed to be.