Poynter Accepts The Daily Caller’s ‘Check Your Fact’ Site To International Fact-Checking Network

The Daily Caller
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The Daily Caller’s new site “Check Your Fact” has joined the small circle of Poynter-approved fact check organizations in the United States.

The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), operated by The Poynter Institute, is a fact-checking resource used to combat fake news, to verify facts used by influencers and to stop the promulgation of misinformation.

“We’re pleased to be approved by Poynter as a fact check site,” said Neil Patel, co-founder and Publisher of The Daily Caller. “Giant platforms like Google and Facebook are increasingly deciding what news and information people see in America. To the extent that these platforms rely on help from outside fact checkers, it’s important that those fact checkers are balanced, non-partisan and representative of a variety of viewpoints. Anything less is dangerous.”

“We saw this just recently when Google put up a completely broken fact check feature that mislead Americans about the nature of our content. The IFCN’s code of principles focuses on transparency, a commitment to nonpartisanship and, of course, ethical journalism. Our Check Your Fact site is putting out hundreds of fact checks that meet this standard. We look forward to continuing to work with Facebook, Poynter and others to get this information out to more and more people.”

“We’re loyal to neither people nor parties — only the truth,” Patel continued. “And while the fact-checking industry continues to grow, there are still countless untrue assertions that go unchecked. Left unchecked they become fake news. We exist to fill in the gaps and promote honest reporting.” has been operational for less than a year, but “we’ve already generated major successes,” Geoff Ingersoll, editor-in-chief of both The Daily Caller and Check Your Fact, added. “In the last month we’ve forced retractions from major media sources including the Washington Post and Vox, and we’ve been responsible for Google’s decision to suspend its own fact-checking feature because it proved too faulty for public use.”

In addition to its in-house fact-checkers, accepts content from reporters at The Daily Caller as well as freelance contributors.

“We hold political figures to a high standard, and the same goes for our content,” Ingersoll explained. “We’re going to continue doing exactly what we’ve done: informing voters and drawing attention to political spin and inaccurate reporting.”