MSNBC’s Scarborough Labels Opponents Of Gun Control ‘Domestic Terrorist Enablers’ And ‘Useful Idiots’

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said Thursday that people who don’t want new gun control laws are “domestic terrorist enablers” and “useful idiots.”


“I just wonder, though, today, who will be those domestic terrorist enablers? Who are going to be the useful idiots in the media, on web sites and on Capitol Hill that will make excuses for the gun lobby?”

Scarborough also said, “Who will be the useful idiots that will continue to do the gun lobby’s business and continue to push an agenda that’s not focused on gun safety? It’s not even focused on gun rights, because we support the Second Amendment, we support gun rights, we believe that the right to keep and bear arms actually means Americans have the right to keep and bear arms and it has nothing do with malicious…”

“Who will be the useful idiots that will promote an agenda that’s not about gun rights and not about gun safety, but instead is just about the bloody bottom line? Selling more guns that can be used to kill more people.” (RELATED: CNN’s Don Lemon Tells People Who Don’t Want To Talk About Gun Control To ‘Shut Up’)

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