Meghan McCain Gets Cut Off After Telling Co-Hosts Florida Shooter Was ‘Flagged By The FBI’ And Nothing Happened

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Meghan McCain got cut off on “The View” Friday after telling her co-hosts that the Florida school shooter was “flagged by the FBI” and nothing happened.

The comment came during a discussion about gun control following the deadly shooting Wednesday in Parkland, Florida, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after a 19-year-old man opened fire at school killing 17 people, including teachers and students before being taken into custody.


“The argument from NRA members and Second Amendment supporters is much like abortion. Not a lot of trust on both sides for compromise,” McCain explained. “I’m like okay, we can talk about assault weapons. That being said, I know people who own them who obviously aren’t mass murderers. They’re hunters and use they them for target practice and hunting. And it’s like if you give a mouse a cookie then we are going to go to..it’s a slippery slope going forward. Much like abortion, It’s so emotional on both sides, I think it’s hard for people on both sides to have faith that we can meet in the middle.”

“I don’t know why people would use an AR-15 to hunt,” Sunny Hostin responded. “Like I think about the argument.”

“With all due respect you didn’t grow up in gun country,” McCain explained.

“I’m just going to say gun culture is great and most people who actually are part of gun culture know how to operate with guns,” Whoopi Goldberg said. “To me, this is not like abortion because, you know, people make a choice with abortion. People make really hard choices with this. We can’t even get the conversation going about ‘hey, is everybody seeing we have an issue here’ because if we’re talking about the fact that this is a kid who bought it legally who should not have been able to have access to guns, why aren’t we saying, ‘hey, let’s renew this idea that people with mental health issues maybe shouldn’t be the people who should have guns. There are conversations we can be having and we’re not.”

A short time later, McCain said no one is in support of people with mental illness having guns and that this shooter was flagged by the FBI and “still nothing happened.”


“I want to say no matter where you stand on this issue, no one — I don’t know one Second Amendment supporter or gun owner that is for people of mental illnesses, there’s not one person you would find on the planet that would support that,” McCain said. “If we’re talking about flagging people with mental illnesses, this guy was flagged by the FBI, he was reported on social media and still nothing happened.”

“Well they fall through the cracks,” Behar responded.

Sunny Hostin then wanted to talk about mental illness but Goldberg said “no one can say anything else” and cut to a commercial.

When they came back from break Hostin said mental health isn’t the problem, that it’s guns and that was the end of the conversation.