This 1200 Lumens Projector Is An Incredible Value With This Discount Code

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With this code, this projector is on sale for just $53. That is an absolutely incredible value. With a projector distance of 1.5-5m, you get an image size of 5 inches to 150 inches. It is compatible with any HDMI-enabled device, as well as USB drives, smartphones and other media players.

Normally $74, this portable projector is 25 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $70, this portable projector is 24 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

DBPOWER RD-810 1200 Lumens LED Portable Projector, Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector Supporting 1080P, HDMI, USB, VGA, AV for Home Cinema, TVs, Laptops, Games, & Smartphones on sale for $56 with code IWNQRGR6

Over 60 percent of reviewers gave this 1200 lumens projector 5 out of 5 stars. Marquez makes a great argument that is an incredible value even at its normal price:

So I have multiple TV’s larger than 65″ as well as another older model DLP projector and this has honestly become my go-to device for movie night and or gaming. I have been wanting a home theater for some time now and I could never really afford the pricier and dedicated home theater projectors which routinely cost $2-3,000 or more. I came across this projector and thought that given the $80 price it couldn’t hurt to try it out. When it arrived and I opened the package I was actually surprised at how nice the projector really was given its price point. So I hooked it up in my home theater room and i was immediately surprised. The resolution and brightness of the picture totally blew my mind. I could not believe that this tiny projector had a picture that was as gorgeous if not better than the dedicated home theater projectors I have been looking at.

This is the ideal projector for anyone who is trying to have a theater-quality movie experience at home on a budget. The picture is truly exceptional and with the ability to max out at like 150″ it really is unbeatable for the price. Another awesome feature is that because it is so small and light i was able to screw it into a standard point and shoot camera tripod and use that to then mount it to the ceiling with minimal fuss! If your interested i also found this mount which should be even easier to use:

If there was anything bad about it it would be that the fan is a bit loud in a quiet room but if you have any type of sound coming from the TV it should easily drown it out. Overall its a very good quality projector and given the LED bulb it should last for quite some time. If your looking for a monster screen for the price of a cheap meal out with your girlfriend this is your ticket!

There are hundreds of reviews just like that. Just think about it: If it is a great value at $80, then it is an unbelievable value at $53.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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