Velshi Accuses NRA Of Having ‘Secret Record’

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC’s Ali Velshi accused the National Rifle Association of padding their membership by cultivating a list of “secret” members.


Velshi said on Friday that he is a gun owner and is often sent materials from the NRA encouraging him to become a member. However, Velshi was thrown off by the fact that they also send a membership card with a member number on it — a common marketing technique.

“The NRA claims to be a membership organization, I guess like a club,” Velshi said. “Yet it won’t release its membership data, causing some to be skeptical about its real purpose and funding.”

“Every year I receive a membership card with a membership number,” he continued angrily. “I have never asked for one, I have never paid for one, but I highly suspect that I am counted in the secret records of the NRA as a member.”

“They don’t represent me and I suspect they don’t represent and aren’t paid for by a lot of ‘members,'” he concluded.

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