Wisconsin Badgers Fans Ignore Logic – Storm The Court In Embarrassing Fashion

(Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Big Ten Network)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Wisconsin Badgers upset sixth-ranked Purdue Thursday night, and the fans behaved idiotically following the game.

First off, this was a big night not just because we beat a top-10 team, but because Frank Kaminsky’s jersey was hung in the rafters. Kaminsky was an incredible player for the Badgers, and we ran through teams during his final two seasons. It was a cool moment to watch go down.

However, what wasn’t so cool was watching the fans storm the court after the big win.

Did I not just write an entire column yesterday lamenting fanbases that storm the court after wins? Yes, in fact I did:

Teams that expect to win don’t storm the court. Teams that expect to win shake hands after a game and head to the locker room and their fans should do the same. Can they pop a few extra tops at the bar after the game in celebration? Sure. I’m all for that, but stay off the damn court. You look like a bunch of morons who haven’t won anything in their lives.

What are Wisconsin fans thinking? I went to Wisconsin, went to tons of sporting events and I bleed for the Badgers. What happened last night is absolutely unacceptable. We’re the Wisconsin Badgers. We’ve been to two Final Fours in the past five seasons. We shouldn’t be storming the court after beating anybody.

I understand the fact we’re having a down year. It’s the worst year in my lifetime, but beating Purdue is no reason to get wild. It’s Purdue. A good team? Sure, but not even close to being worthy of a court storming. Where is the championship mentality? Where is the pride? Where is the belief we expect to win?

Congratulations to the players on the huge win on the night we hung up Kaminsky’s jersey, but stay off the court. I sat watching in utter disgust last night. A real Badger knows we’re going to win at everything we do, and you don’t celebrate meeting expectations. I better not see this type of activity again or we’re going to have to have a serious talk with somebody in the athletic department.

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