USA Hockey Gets Embarrassed By Russia — The Wheels Have Completely Fallen Off

(Photo credit should read BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The USA men’s hockey team got lit up Saturday morning by Russia in a 4-0 loss, and everybody in this country should be embarrassed by what happened.

What the hell is going on right now? How did we ever allow a game like this to happen? It’s completely unacceptable, and it’s equally unacceptable that head coach Tony Granato reportedly complained about Russia keeping their foot on the accelerator.

Are you kidding me? This is Olympic hockey. Every team should be out there looking to smash, destroy and obliterate the other team. What a pathetic mindset you must have to have to complain about Russia playing its best players too much. You want to know how you avoid a situation where you have to complain? Don’t lose a game against our biggest hockey rival by the score of 4-0.

Did America complain when the Soviets were the first ones into space? Hell no. We just decided we’d be the first ones to the moon and we did it. That’s the championship mentality I expect out of my Olympic hockey team. Anybody with the mindset to complain about what Russia did today shouldn’t even be allowed on the plane home. They can stay in South Korea and find their own damn way home. USA hockey went from Herb Brooks to a coach who now begs for mercy. You have got to be kidding me.

Every player and coach involved with the team should be disgusted by what happened this morning on the ice. This is not what America is all about. America is a country of winners. We will not tolerate losing, especially to Russia.

Granato and company better get this situation figured out now that we’re in the medal round. Americans, especially hockey fans, expect much better than the garbage we saw this morning.

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