Bravo Reportedly Making Its Stars Sign STD Contracts Is The Definition Of A Major Red Flag

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Bravo reportedly makes the stars of the network sign contracts so they can’t sue if they pick up an STD during filming.

Page Six reported the following:

We’re told that the stars on a number of Bravo’s reality shows have to sign an “STD clause” promising not to sue the network if they get one or more of a long, enumerated list of itchy infections while filming.

Sources familiar with the contracts say that Bravo washes its hands (thoroughly) of the potential diseases so that it doesn’t get sued if bed-hopping stars pick up something nasty while taking part in its shows.

Network insiders, meanwhile, assure us that such provisions are common across all networks, especially on dating shows.

I hate to sound a bit prude, but you’re probably doing something wrong if you’re signing a contract over the possibility of getting an STD. Why would anybody ever agree to do such a thing and what type of atmosphere are you working in where that’s even a risk?

It would be shocking to me if somebody laid a contract in front of me that required I signed away my rights to sue over STDs. Maybe, and this is just a casual thought, don’t participate in shows where there’s even a chance you could pick up a disease. Seems like kind of a common sense move to me.

Perhaps find a different show, one where STDs aren’t even a concern. Page Six also reported that Bravo doesn’t apparently even test their people for diseases. So, they’ve got people signing contracts over STDs and aren’t even checking the talent for them. This seems like an absurd situation. How can you possibly convince people to sign a contract and then on the other hand choose not to even test the people present.

The whole situation sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Just so trashy.

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