Colombian Cop Executes Man Who Steals Officer’s Gun

Live Leak

Amber Athey White House Correspondent
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A wild video posted Monday shows the moment a Colombian cop shot down a man who stole his fellow officer’s firearm.

A video posted on Live Leak on Monday shows several Colombian police officers trying to arrest a man in the streets. The man repeatedly tries to reach for one of the officer’s guns and eventually is able to get a hold of the weapon.


Shortly thereafter, a shot can be heard in the background. The man runs around, trying to escape from police, before one of the cops shoots him point blank.

The man falls to the ground, immediately dead from the gunshot.

Witnesses scream and run away from the scene after the man is shot, except for one woman who runs toward him and trips over his body. She can then be seen mourning over his dead body as most of the Colombian cops dash off in their police van.

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