Tucker Carlson Reminds Liberal Guest About Russians Killed In Syria

Amber Athey White House Correspondent

Fox News host Tucker Carlson blew his liberal guest’s mind on Monday when he reminded him about the hundreds of Russians recently killed in Syria.


Chris Hahn, a radio host and former aide to Sen. Chuck Schumer, repeatedly insisted that President Donald Trump hasn’t done anything in terms of retribution for Russian meddling.

“They were spending over a million dollars a month in violation of our federal campaign finance laws,” Hahn exclaimed. “They were involved in our election. Now, whether or not that had an effect, I don’t know. They were meddling, H.R. Mcmaster agreed they were meddling. The only person that doesn’t seem want to take action on this is the President of the United States.”

The Daily Caller co-founder reminded Hahn about a defensive strike in Syria in early February that killed at least a hundred Russian military contractors. The confrontation began when the mercenaries attacked a Syrian Democratic Forces base where United States troops were also stationed. (RELATED: The US Military Is Now Fighting Russian Mercenaries In Syria) 

“We are fighting Russia in Syria right now,” Carlson asserted. “We just killed a bunch of Russian citizens in Syria. Is that enough? Does that make you feel better about him not being a Russian agent?”

Hahn tried to sidestep the point, saying that the U.S. should respond to Russia with “cyber methods.”

“Don’t ignore my point because it’s a real one. Isn’t it a little implausible to describe the president as a tool of Putin when we’re killing Russians in Syria and opposing — look, Russia’s only base outside of its own border is in Syria,” Carlson pressed.

“We are not intentionally engaging the Russians in Syria. We’re not intentionally killing Russians in Syria,” Hahn claimed.

“That’s not true,” Carlson shot back.

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