Velshi: The ‘Sooner’ High Schoolers Take Over Gun Policy ‘The Better’

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi said on Monday that “the sooner” the anti-gun students from Parkland, Florida can “take charge of things, the better.”


Velshi spoke to Jaclyn Corin, a student from Stoneman Douglas High School who survived the shooting that killed 17 people and injured dozens more. Corin was involved in organizing a march for gun control in response to the shooting.

“We do not need the help of politicians because we don’t even want to politically affiliate,” Corin said when asked what message she would send to Trump. “We don’t need the help of them. We don’t need the help of parents. We don’t need the help of anybody but other students because we are the future. We are the generation that’s going to change this and we only need the help of people our age.”

Velshi seemed inspired by Corin’s message and said he couldn’t wait for her generation to take over.

“That’s amazing. I’m with you on that,” he responded. “I believe it. Having been down there and listening to you guys, the sooner you guys can take charge of things, the better it will all go.”

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