Celebrity Lawyer Posts False Infographic About Gun And Voter ID Laws — Twitter Loses Its Mind

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for L'Oreal)

John Wellington Digital Content Manager
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On Sunday, attorney, social activist and media personality Areva Martin made erroneous claims about gun and voter ID laws on Twitter, for which she received thousands of negative responses.

Martin posted an infographic that displayed the “states where you can buy a [gun] with no proof of ID” vs “states where you can vote with no proof of ID.”

The graphic shows a majority of states did not require an ID to purchase a firearm but all states require one to vote.

Here is a look at the tweet:


Current laws are actually basically the opposite of what her graphic suggests. The majority of states have relatively lax voter identification laws, as this infographic shows:


On the other hand, a majority of states require some form of ID to purchase a firearm. The distinction from state to state is the leniency for the given rules.

Many individuals within the Twitter community felt her infographic was misguided and gladly expressed this to her.