MSNBC Makes Medal Of Valor Ceremony About Bump Stocks


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC completely ignored the heroes awarded at Tuesday’s Medal of Valor ceremony and instead focused entirely on the White House’s announcement about bump stocks.


MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi cut to President Donald Trump’s remarks at the ceremony, where he awarded 12 public safety officers, but did so by explicitly telling viewers to focus on Trump’s comments about bump stocks.

During the ceremony, Trump announced that he had signed a memorandum taking steps to ban bump stocks after last week’s school shooting in Florida.

As soon as Trump prepared to introduce the recipients of the Medal of Valor, Velshi cut back to set and started a conversation about the bump stock ban.

“This is interesting — I will say, this is not much of a stretch,” Velshi said. “Even America’s gun lobby, the NRA after Las Vegas thought, ‘maybe we should look at bump stocks.'”

“The president now saying…he’s got a memorandum to direct making these bump stocks and devices like that illegal,” he continued. “I just want to remind you, even the NRA thought that they should be made illegal.”

Velshi’s show ended right after that segment, and MSNBC opted not to pick up any more coverage of the ceremony honoring heroes.

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