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This Vape Kit Is A Whole New Concept To Us Vapers

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Suorin’s iShare kit is an all-in-one 2 pack system with a power bank. It’s a kit that is definitely a new concept to us vapers. Essentially, it includes 2 batteries, 2 pods and a power charging case. The pods, upon being filled with e-juice, would go atop the batteries, thus creating your device. The case acts as a charging power bank when the device is not in use. You would just place each device inside the case; so each time one of them is taken out, you know it is fully charged. It has a 1400mah power bank. The pods/cartridges are refillable and you can use your own liquid with a 0.91ml capacity for each pod.

The video below is a review of the Suorin iShare. In the review, the iShare’s functionality is displayed, as well as the reviewer’s personal opinion of it. We learn that each device is puff activated; there is no firing button to activate. Also, the kit is extremely portable and very lightweight. He recommends this kit to someone who is trying to quit smoking, because of its mouth-to-lung draw. He thinks the iShare is the best pod-system kit on the market for flavor and all around versatility. Being able to use your own liquid in this type of setup is a major plus. The pods are replaceable when you notice a decline in flavor. I think this kit is another great idea to come out of the vape industry.

Suorin iShare Kit is on sale for $41.90