Dude In Canadian Hockey Jersey Crushes The Puck And Beers In Olympic Hype Video

Hockey Puck (Credit: Shutterstock/Vasilev Evgenii)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A man wearing a Canadian hockey jersey has gone viral for his Olympic hype video for our friends north of the border.

The man fires a puck into the net of a homemade rink, slams one beer that he cut open with his skate and another that he opened by slamming it off of his skull.

If this video, which was shared by Barstool Sports, doesn’t scream Canada then I’m not sure what will.

If Sending It was an Olympic event Canada might be favored for gold @spittinchiclets

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Man, I sure do wish the good guys in the red, white and blue were still playing. That’d be really nice.

Instead, we all get to see amped up Canadians slamming beers and playing hockey. That should be us. It shouldn’t be these guys.

Having said all of that, this guy is still clearly awesome. Anybody out there supporting a gold medal run by crushing beers off of his head is somebody that I’m going to support 100 percent of the time. Now, I’m not going to be cheering for Canada or any nonsense like that, but I appreciate this man’s spirit. Hell, it might even be the same spirit I see in so many Americans.

I guess this is the way you get to behave when the gold medal is still sitting their out in the open for everybody. The rest of us are just at home watching on the couch.

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