Clinton Press Sec: Trump More Accessible To Press Than Clinton

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Mike McCurry, the former White House press secretary for Bill Clinton, said that President Trump has been “more accessible” to the press than Obama or Clinton.


“He is more accessible in exchanges,” McCurry admitted. “You’re the master data analyst, and he has probably been more accessible than either Obama or Clinton, correct?”

“Well, Clinton in the first year, before you got there,” the moderator responded.

“You mean when we stopped letting him do interviews at McDonald’s?” McCurry joked.

“Donald Trump does do a lot of short Q&A’s,” the moderator chimed in.

Current White House press secretary Sarah Sanders took McCurry’s admission and ran with it.

“By the definition of the fact that he spends as much time interacting with the press as he does, I think it’s hard to argue that he isn’t open to answering those questions and being held accountable by the press,” she countered. “And so I think that’s a very big difference.”

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