Toobin: Kushner Part Of ‘Lucky Sperm Club’

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin referred to senior Trump adviser Jared Kushner as a member of the “lucky sperm club” on Tuesday.


Anchor Anderson Cooper noted that Kushner was battling with White House staff to maintain access to highly classified information even though he only has temporary security clearance, and the story caused Toobin to go on a tear.

“Anderson, isn’t the problem nepotism?” Toobin asked. “That’s really what this is all about. Jared Kushner is not qualified for the job he’s doing. His only qualification is that he’s the president’s son-in-law. He’s a modestly successful real estate developer…”

“Of his father’s company,” Cooper chimed in.

“Of his father’s company, ‘lucky sperm club,'” Toobin joked, prompting a chuckle from Cooper.

“Lucky sperm club,” Cooper repeated back with a laugh.

“This is why presidents shouldn’t appoint close relatives to be their top advisers,” Toobin concluded.

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