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Silence And Organize Your Keys With This Lightweight Carabiner

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Hate hearing your keys jingle every day when you are out and about? Even worse, often find yourself panicking because they are misplaced all the time? With the Key Titan KT10 Carabiner, you can conveniently silence and organize your keys for everyday peace of mind.

The Daily Caller Shop

The Daily Caller Shop

Key Titan KT10 Carabiner — $26.99

This lightweight carry carabiner, made from Grade 5 titanium, uses a suppression ring to silence your keys. Meaning, they won’t cause a ruckus the next time you walk around the office or stroll around the mall. Plus, the Key Titan K10 Carabiner comes with two clipping areas for total security and ultimate organization. One clipping area is for your keys while the other holds the Key Titan unit itself, so you won’t accidentally drop your keys when clipping it to your pant loop or purse handle.

Secure and loaded with plenty of features, the carabiner also acts as a concealed bottle opener and a 1/4″ slip wrench, which means popping open a cool one or making a small tweak is quick and easy. Last but not least, the unit’s reverse clipping and two-step key removal design heighten protection and guarantee your valuable keys are always close to you.

Pick up the Key Titan KT10 Carabiner for $26.99 from The Daily Caller Shop.