It’s Surprisingly Easy To Date A Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model

(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated)

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Most guys dream about dating supermodels, but they never really feel like they’d have a shot on the rare chance they even met one. Good news: it turns out it’s surprisingly easy, aside from one major obstacle.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models Lais Ribeiro and Robin Holzken recently revealed their top seven dating tips that just about any guy could pull off — you just have to meet them first.

(Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Edge Shave Gel)

1. Make a fun first-date game plan

“I love to try new things, so let’s go bungee jumping!” Lais says.

Bungee jumping is easier said than done, but there are plenty of guys that would theoretically jump off a ledge to date a supermodel, so why not do it for real with a bungee cord?

2. Just be yourself

“You’ll always remember a first impression, so you better make it count!” says Robin. “The biggest turn off on a first date is when a guy tries too hard.”

I imagine a lot of guys who are lucky enough to meet a model like Holzken try to be someone they’re not. Ignore the impulse and you might pull off what you thought to be impossible.

3. Always do the sniff test before a date.

“Before you head out the door, ask someone to smell you!” Lais says. “If you’re wearing too much cologne, change your shirt.”

Basically, cool it with the cologne guys. If you’re using too much of it, you probably can’t even pick up your average girl at a bar without suffocating her anyway.

4. Stay well-groomed, especially before meeting her friends.

“Her friends have a lot to say, so start off on the right foot with a nice, groomed beard or a clean-shaved face,” Robin says. “That will give you a big advantage.”

This is a weird one, but there’s no denying the influence a girl’s friends have on her love life. It’s also not hard to figure out that girls don’t like scruff. Either rock the beard and keep it in check or keep it all clean.

5. Mind your manners.

“I appreciate chivalry,” Lais says. “I don’t need a man to take care of me, but courtesy is always appreciated, and it makes a woman feel special. Make a girl feel like she is the only one in the room by making eye contact when she talks, asking questions about her life, and always treating the waiter with respect if you’re at a restaurant.”

If you don’t get this one, you never had a chance anyway.

6. Keep her on her toes

“Surprises are always nice,” Lais says. “I think little gestures can go a long way, like making dinner, bringing home flowers, or just complimenting her.”

Women find spontaneity sexy, but don’t do anything crazy like propose marriage on a whim. Simple is sexy too, apparently.

7. Go on dates–no matter if you’ve been together three weeks or three years.

“Date night is what keeps long-term relationships fun,” Robin says. “Even if it’s just a simple date like going to the movies!”

Any guy who’s ever been in a relationship should know this one. Girls notice when you give up, and when you give up, you’ve lost her. Any smart woman will leave you and go find somebody else who will treat her right.

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So, see? Dating a supermodel is not so difficult. Once you meet one and manage to keep your composure, it’s an easy ride from there. Good luck out there, guys.