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A couple of weeks ago we received from Concealment Express a review sample of the IWB Kydex holster for our Glock 19. Since we had just reviewed a leather conceal carry product for a slightly different pistol, we jumped at the chance to try a holster for the gun we use most often.

As with all the firearm related reviews we do here at the Daily Dealer, they are mostly conducted within the confines of a local shooting range. While this is not the most realistic of scenarios, it does give us a good understanding of fit, feel and usability of the product. We went to two ranges, one just to shoot with our own gun and one to practice tactical scenarios with replica Glock 19s.

The holster really shone in the tactical rooms. Its design and build strength made for a perfect companion while navigating from room to room looking for paper bad guys. We never had a problem drawing when needed, and more importantly securing it before moving on to the next scenario.

Concealment Express

Concealment Express

Glock 19/23/32 (Gen 1-5) IWB Kydex Holster — $34.95


The overall design of the holster is absolutely impeccable. Molded to perfectly secure your weapon. It covers and safeguards all critical moving parts, like the trigger and slide stop lever (especially important for right-handers). Despite the snug fit, quickly extracting the weapon from the holster was never an issue. Additionally, because of the hard construction, re-securing it was incredibly smooth and concluded with a satisfying CLICK hard stop.

Further, the friction level (hold strength?) of the holster can be adjusted with a simple twist of a single screw. Allowing for either a buttery smooth draw or only permitting removal with a forceful tug. This lets you, the user, decide which mode is best.

The hard plastic (Kydex) construction, will ensure that the holster keeps its shape no matter what situation you’re in. Making the hard shell a far more reliable performer than a soft material solution, especially because it won’t lose its shape when removing the gun from the holster.

While we didn’t test it out first hand, we bet that you could run an IWB holster over in your car without any damage whatsoever.

Comfort and Fit

Of course, the only drawback to any hard plastic holster is the comfort and fit. This is not the ideal product for someone who wears tight clothes or a suit most of the time. We figure that you will need two extra inches in pant waist for it fit comfortably. It’s ideal for someone who wears relaxed jeans most of the time. This can be partially attributed to the Glock 19, not the ideal gun to conceal carry inside your waistband.

The adjustable clip, however, is very helpful to find a comfortable sitting position. One where the gun holster combination will not dig into your leg/hips. We found the two screw system easy to adjust, and one that kept its position perfectly after repeated use.

Overall Grade

Overall this is the best hard conceal holster we have tested, and it only costs $34.95. We highly recommend it for anyone who needs a rugged holster for everyday use. You will never be disappointed with how it fits your handgun, or with the adjustments you can make to it for fit and hold strength.

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