This Memory Foam Travel Pillow Is 80 Percent Smaller Than Its Competitors

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Do you travel a lot for work but still can’t find a way to get comfortable enough to sleep on a long flight or train ride? Even worse, does this grogginess hurt your ability to work productively? With a BullRest Memory Foam Travel Pillow, discover the wonder of a good night’s sleep so you can tackle work head-on with a clear mind, a smile on your face, and no droops under your eyes.

Normally $60, this memory foam travel pillow is 36 percent off

Normally $60, this memory foam travel pillow is 36 percent off

BullRest Memory Foam Travel Pillow on sale for $38

Designed by travel-weary medical engineers, the pillow correctly aligns your vertebrae as you sleep so you can rest comfortably in any mode of transit. Meaning, it allows you to sit naturally while promoting better posture and neck alignment on planes, trains, cars, buses, or even at home on the couch.

Plus, being 80 percent smaller than the traditional travel pillow, BullRest conveniently fits into any carry-on bag. Even better, it comes with a microfiber carrying pouch and a carabiner so you can easily attach it to any bag for quick access. Fitting over 85 percent of adults with its one-size fits all approach, the world’s smallest travel pillow comes in four colors: grey, blue, yellow, and orange.

Get the sleep you need with a BullRest Memory Foam Travel Pillow for $38, 36 percent off its original price, in The Daily Caller Shop.

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