Lots Of Players From The Women’s Gold Medal Hockey Game Have Ties To One State

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Ten players from the women’s ice hockey gold medal game between the USA and Canada have ties to Wisconsin.

The 10 players either went to the University of Wisconsin or grew up in the state, according to Each team featured five players, with the USA team’s roster being compiled of Wisconsin stars Hilary Knight, Meghan Duggan, Brianna Decker and Amanda Kessel.

It is crazy to think about the fact that roughly 25 percent of the women who played in this game are directly tied to one state in the union. Think about what the odds in Vegas would be to randomly select two Olympic rosters, and a quarter of the players all come from one state out of fifty, plus another country.

I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised. The University of Wisconsin women’s ice hockey program is unstoppable. We win national championship like they’re going out of style. It probably doesn’t hurt that people who spend time in Wisconsin are just raised to be winners. It’s part of life. You probably wouldn’t understand if you’ve never been there.

Curiosity got the better of me during work today after covering the game so much, and I just googled to find out how many Wisconsin women there were involved in the game. I figured there’d be maybe four or five. I was shocked to see it was 10. Literally blown away.

Props to the state of Wisconsin for once again proving that we dominate the world.

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