Joy Behar Doubts Trump Would Have Rushed Into School During Shooting [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joy Behar questioned on “The View” Friday whether President Donald Trump would have rushed into the school during the shooting in Parkland, Florida last week.

“So there’s a raging debate right now about having guns in schools,” Behar said. “We all know that. … But it turns out that there was an armed guard at the high school in Parkland who stayed outside while 17 people were fatally shot. Now Trump just called him a coward a few minutes ago. Do you think that’s an appropriate thing to do? Do you think Trump would have gone into that building?”

“Yeah, but you know, I don’t know why he didn’t go in,” Sunny Hostin said. “I’m wondering if it’s perhaps ’cause he had a handgun and the shooter had an AR-15. He felt like he was outgunned and outmatched, but his sole job was to protect those children and he failed woefully.”

“I don’t know if he was a coward,” Paula Faris shared. “I was talking with my 10-year-old this morning about her lockdowns drills and what they have to do and, ‘We have to get in a corner, we have to be quiet, we have to lock the door, we have to listen to our teacher.’ And I said, ‘What would make you feel safer?’ And she said, ‘If we did more lockdown drills.’ But instead of trying to figure out what’s going to work, we should look at one school which has been dubbed the safest school in America, just outside of Indianapolis. The school is Southwestern High School, and they have implemented a three-prong approach.”

Faris mentioned the school has cameras with a direct feed to local law enforcement, panic buttons, bulletproof glass and smoke cannons in the hallways.

Guest co-host Tamar Braxton responded that for the first time she found herself agreeing with Trump and that the guard had one job to protect those children and he failed.

“You can have a panic button, you can have a smoke machine, you can have a police officer on duty there or whatever, but if they are not going to do anything about a gunman who is in action shooting unarmed kids, I mean, I’m just saying for me, you have one job and one job only and that is to protect these children,” Braxton explained. “And what I think is you can have all those other things but if people are not going to do their job, which is protect their kids, they should not be in that position.”