Delta Ended Its Relationship With The NRA – Now It Might Cost Them BIG TIME

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Delta Airlines announced it would be ending its discounted travel rates for NRA members in response to the school shooting in Florida earlier this month, and Georgia’s Lt. Governor Casey Cagle isn’t taking that lying down.

Cagle said Monday that he would “kill any legislation” that will help Delta until the airline “fully reinstates its relationship” with the NRA. Cagle said that conservatives need to “fight back” against corporations who attack them.

The timing for the announcement is not optimal for Delta, who is in the midst of negotiating a massive tax deal in the Georgia state legislature. The bill, HB 918, eliminates the jet fuel tax and would potentially save Delta $40 million a year. As president of the state senate, Cagle can introduce and hold up legislation if he pleases.

Georgia State Senator Michael Williams piled on, thanking the Lt. Governor and stating that “Delta should not receive a government handout regardless of any other issues.”