The Deal On This Dumpling Press Is Too Good To Pass On

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Who doesn’t love fresh homemade dumplings, ravioli and pirogies? I know I do! But I can also tell you from first-hand experience that making pirogies completely by hand is hard work. With this amazing dumpling press, the task of making a fresh batch of warm pirogies just became less daunting!

This dumpling press is incredibly useful. Simply lay the dough across the press, add your stuffing, and fold the press in half! It seals the dumpling perfectly and saves you a ton of time and effort of sealing it by hand.

Making dumplings just got so much easier (Photo via Amazon)

Making dumplings just got so much easier (Photo via Amazon)

Stainless Steel Ravioli Mould for $8.99

Made out of stainless steel, this dumpling press is easy to clean! And it gets even better: It’s less than $10!

If you don’t believe me on the dumpling mold‘s utility, just check out these raving Amazon reviews:

“I grew up in Panama and like to make empanadas. Using this mold makes the job go much faster. I use the other side of the mold to cut the circles and then place them in the mold, fill, and close. It works much better than the plastic molds I bought.” – Valerie Ramey, 5 stars

“I wish I had ordered 2!! We got an assembly line going and had so much fun making empanadas for my son’s wedding. This tool cut smoothly and crimped the edges very well. I am going to have to order another one! Love it.” – Milly Holmes, 5 stars

“Works great for making hand pies! Sturdy and seals the dough well.” – Gneirad, 5 stars

If you’re as ready to start making pirogies as I am, order this dumpling press today!

These look delicious! (Photo via Amazon)

These look delicious! (Photo via Amazon)

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