India Is Offering Free Breast Implants To Boost The Confidence Of Poor Women

India giving out free breast implants (Credit: Shutterstock)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Poor women in India can now get breast implants in an attempt to boost their confidence.

The New York Post reported the following:

Thousands of women in India’s Tamil Nadu state have been offered free boob jobs because “poor people also have a right to look beautiful.”

The impoverished southern Indian state will now offer cosmetic breast surgery free of cost to all women with priority given to the poorest.

Cosmetic breast surgery is becoming increasingly popular in India, but private hospitals can charge $3,799 for a procedure.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this move. Genius idea on behalf of the government, and something tells me it has little to do with the confidence of women. They’re subsidizing breast implants. Think about how crazy that is.

Imagine if Trump got on television tomorrow and told everybody that poor women can go get breast implants. Nobody would take it seriously, and he might even get impeached with that kind of stance. It’s sad, but I think it’s true.

That’s not how things in India work. Not at all. You can just show up and go under the knife if you’re apparently poor enough.

What a wild time to be alive. I’m all for whatever makes women feel better about themselves, but free boob jobs is right up there with things I never thought I’d see. Sometimes I guess trends are just ahead of their times. Personally, I will donate every dollar I have to any politician who proposes this idea just so I can watch heads explode.

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